COVID-19 Response

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Managing COVID-19

Safety First

Our well-established safety culture enabled Hecla to mobilize and organize operations to protect the health and safety of our workforce. Even before COVID-19 was deemed a pandemic, we aggressively updated our safety and health protocols throughout the Company. As the pandemic has evolved, protocols and practices have been modified to reflect federal and local guidelines.

Ensuring Essential Metals Remain in America’s Supply Chain

Hecla’s corporate strategy emphasizes preparedness and flexibility, which has enabled us to weather economic crises, world wars, and more than one global pandemic.

To manage the challenges of COVID-19, we tapped our superior logistical systems to provide relief and maintain a level of operational normalcy when other companies were forced to slow down. Swift and decisive action mitigated the pandemic’s impact across the entire Company.

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Protecting & Supporting Our Communities

We take seriously our role as a leader in our communities, which is why we stepped in to help protect and lessen the pandemic’s impact. We identified and addressed immediate and long-term needs, including food, supplies, and financial assistance, including:

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We tapped our supply chain to make available 30,000 masks and 25 cases (12,500 pairs) of gloves available to the City and Borough of Juneau and its police first responders.

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At Casa Berardi, we donated more than 6,200 masks to family members of our employees and the community at large.

Food in the bags.

In Durango, Mexico, we donated rice, tuna, beans, pasta, peppers, cooking oil, milk, sugar, coffee, and toilet paper to those in need.

Supporting our Local Communities

Hecla partnered with local business organizations near the Lucky Friday, Nevada, and Casa Berardi operations to provide over $150,000 worth of “Hecla Bucks” vouchers for Hecla employees to redeem for purchase of goods and services at local businesses.

Casa Berardi made donations to the local chamber of commerce and community foundations to enhance their community support efforts.

During the pandemic, Greens Creek was able to maintain full production and employment while providing additional support to its local communities through special charitable programs and direct spending, including $1.5 million in 2021 related to COVID-19 response and recovery.