Exploration Geologist, Senior


About the Position

The exploration geologist contributes to the planning and execution of exploration programs by integrating historic surface and underground exploration and mining data to develop and advance exploration targets to resource.

Via the collection of high-quality geologic data, they will help refine exploration concepts, and identify new targets by applying a strong understanding of economic geology and mineral exploration techniques.

Reports to:

Vice President, Exploration

Here’s what you can expect in this role:

  • Conducts regional exploration and delineation drilling programs to support sustainable resource supply.
  • Compiles and interprets geologic data that will assist in solving grade distribution questions (ore- waste boundaries, dilution).
  • Field supervision of drilling/sampling programs and representing the company to contractors.
  • Handling, collection, and processing of geologic samples.
  • Field geological mapping, creating cross sections, and integrating a variety of geological data sets to create new maps and model
  • Geologic/structural modelling and interpretation in 2D and 3D space, delivering useful products to other groups.
  • Exploration drilling, sampling, sample processing and testing.
  • Excellent understanding of geochemical prospecting and assaying techniques appropriate to the terrane and ore types, capable of designing programs.
  • Excellent understanding of geophysical testing techniques (airborne and ground) appropriate to the terrane and ore types, capable of designing programs.
  • Effectively utilizes all mapping, geophysics, sampling, ore models and GIS/targeting software to generate and rank exploration targets.
  • Competent outcrop mapping of lithologies, alteration, structure, and mineralization.
  • Completes detailed annual reports of activities.
  • Resource reserve reporting and resource/production reconciliation.
  • Assist with QA/QC protocols, geostatistical investigations, geologic and resource model construction.
  • QA/QC tracking and data validation.
  • Data entry and data management, designing and improving existing workflows to manage geochemical, geophysical, and geologic data.
  • Writing regular update reports and detailed technical reports for a variety of audiences, with potentially short notice.
  • Investigates, research, and analyzes information and issues related to Geology.
  • Assists in the preparation and updating of reserve technical reports and documentation to ensure compliance with industry and operational requirements.
  • Assists in the preparation of annual reporting of ore resources and reserves.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:

  • Able to communicate effectively and proactively to a variety of audiences, using verbal and written presentations.
  • Possess a wide-range knowledge of ore deposit geology and hydrothermal environments, especially for gold and silver.
  • Able to integrate contemporary geologic methods and other technological approaches.
  • Knowledge and technical background in exploration geology, and mine operations, with a broad understanding of the metals industry.
  • Able to analyze and creatively conceptualize information and documentation.
  • Able to review the details of others work and advise appropriately.
  • Ability to work effectively and manage time between different projects and use good judgement to balance deadlines.
  • Proactively seeks feedback as needed at important decision points.
  • Experience using 3D modeling software (Leapfrog preferred) to display data, plan drillholes, and perform basic geologic modeling. Experience using (or formal training in the use of) 2D GIS software to effectively manage field data collection, create maps, and plan exploration.
  • Experience with AutoCAD preferred.
  • Able to research geologic concepts and apply new advances in economic geology/exploration techniques. Keeps current with new research and publications related to the exploration program.
  • Skills in the Spanish or French language an asset.

Interpersonal Competencies:

  • Able to travel and work remotely.
  • Excellent critical thinking skills.
  • Stress tolerant with an ability to meet critical deadlines.
  • High aptitude for focus on details.
  • Operates with a high degree of autonomy. Self-motivated, with the ability to work independently, and work effectively within team structures.
  • Able to provide creative insight and problem solving.
  • Able to demonstrate discretion and discernment in negotiating business transactions, and in making important job-related decisions.
  • Able to demonstrate discretion and discernment in all business matters.

Education & Training:

  • Bachelor of Science in Geology is required; advanced degree in geoscience preferred
  • 3 years’ experience in metals explorative geology required; 5-8 years preferred, complemented by 1 year hands-on in mine operations


To apply for this job email your details to resume@hecla-mining.com