Environmental Performance Tracking

2020 GOAL




Three-year energy intensity reduction target of 5% from the 2018 baseline year

Achieved in year 2 of a 3-year goal of reducing energy consumption by 5% over 2018 levels

Establish new 3-year energy intensity reduction target of 5% from 2020 performance

Develop a biomass heating system project in collaboration with the Cree community of Wasmanipi, Abitibiwinni First Nation, Tawich Construction and Cycle

Decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Achieved 36% reduction in GHG emissions from 2019 and over last 3 years saw 32% increase in the number of silver ounces produced per ton of GHG emissionCreate a plan for being net zero carbon emissions by 2050

Become a supporter of the Financial Stability Board’s Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

Continue industry-leading silver equivalent ounce production per ton GHG emission

Initiate discharge reduction strategic planning effort at Lucky Friday

Advanced effort through engineering of recycling system of discharge back into the mine and milling operationsReduce site-wide discharges by 35% in 3 years
Roll out structured internal tailings, water, and waste technical teams

Established these working groups at all of our operations Maintain activity of tailings, water, and waste working groups at each operating property
Obtain agency concurrence with reclamation progress at the Troy Mine in Montana

Completed phase 1 reclamation in 2020. In early 2021, the State of Montana reduced the required financial assurance nearly $8 million Complete Phase 2 reclamation works (building demolition) at Troy Mine
Achieve Level A under TSM program for tailings management and biodiversity conservation management at Casa Berardi

Achieved Level A goal Conduct assessment of TSM elements, including tailings stewardship protocol, at Lucky Friday and Greens Creek
Select members of an independent review board to advise on company-wide tailings management systems and risks

Selected members of review panel Independent review board to provide report to COO on its activities in 2021
Complete implementation of EMS system

Completed third phase implementation of EMS elements company-wide Complete a third-party review/audit of existing EMS systems and effectiveness and congruence with leading ESG measurement systems
Three-year freshwater intensity (gallons/ton ore milled) reduction target of 5% from the 2018 baseline year in 2021

In 2020, in terms of gallons/Ag oz produced, we decreased water usage 18% (from 77 in 2019 to 63 in 2020) but gallons/ton ore milled increased slightly from 321 in 2019 to 349 in 2020 Achieve 5% freshwater use reduction targets over the 2018 baseline year

Maintain 90%+ process water recycling company-wide

Maintain Level A or better under TSM Water Stewardship Protocol at Casa Berardi

Revenue Generated Per Freshwater Use, Direct GHG Emissions, Energy Use, & Acres Affected




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