Silver’s Role in Renewable Energy

2/25/2022 An image of renewable energy.

Global population growth, and the fact that the renewable energy sector needs a significant amount of minerals for their energy resources and products means there will be an even greater demand for mineral resources. For example, silver is a major ingredient for solar panels and is increasingly being used in wind turbines due to its longevity and lifetime performance.

How is silver used in solar cells? Silver powder is turned into a paste which is then loaded onto a silicon wafer. When light strikes the silicon, electrons are set free and the silver – the world’s best conductor – carries the electricity for immediate use or stores it in batteries for later consumption.

As an industry and as a company, we have a responsibility to not only manage these resources responsibly, but to also take steps to ensure that the extraction and conveyance of those resources is safe, responsible and efficient.

Source: U.S. Silver Institute