Community Investment

Beyond being an economic driver where we have operations, Hecla improved the social well-being our communities by giving back through charitable donations and volunteer efforts by our employees.

Commitment to Community

The Hecla Code of Conduct expresses the company’s support for contributing to the well-being of local and regional communities, and we encourage all employees to join site-wide and company-wide volunteer activities. At some of our operations, employees may receive paid time off for volunteer work, as agreed with their manager. At Casa Berardi, volunteer hours are matched with a donation to the same organization. Our activities in 2022 had a focus on school-age children, education for Afghan women, youth job creation, and improving basic infrastructure in our communities.

Hecla Charitable Foundation

Since 2009, the Hecla Charitable Foundation has contributed $4.4 million toward health, youth, education, and community activities. In 2022, the Foundation:

  • Contributed $50,000 CAD to an effort with other mining companies to enable women engineers from Afghanistan to attend the University of British Columbia.
  • Made an initial investment in MineralsEd – the Mineral Resources Education Program of British Columbia.
  • Responded to other requests from our mining sites. For example, in the community surrounding Casa Berardi, we donated $50,000 CAD to the local business chamber, where 70% of our employees reside, to hire 35 nursing staff for the local hospital.
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Hecla Charitable Foundation Contributions



The Foundation has contributed $4.4 million to local communities since 2009.

A group photo at the silver valley ride event.

Our employees and management team also regularly volunteer and raise funds for local charities and foundations. For example, in 2022:

  • Hecla donated approximately $60,000 to local 501(c)3 organizations in Juneau, Alaska, including the local school district, youth organizations, charitable fundraisers, and other nonprofit groups.
  • Hecla Quebec donated to local cultural and sports organizations including $10,000 CAD to Open Heart Troupe theater, $15,000 CAD to Student Sports Partner (Phoenix), and $20,000 CAD to Loisirs et Sport AbitibiTémiscamingue.
  • Lucky Friday supported food programs in the Silver Valley, including donating $4,500 to local food banks, $2,000 to Silver Valley Meals on Wheels for seniors, and $2,500 to the Dave Smith Christmas Fund, an annual telethon that provided holiday meals for more than 1,000 families.
  • Hecla supported a program sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce in Humboldt County, Nevada by contributing over $11,000 in Chamber Checks to Hecla employees to be spent locally on small businesses in the community.
  • Near our San Sebastian mine, Hecla ran a dental clinic for adults and children in nearby communities through a partnership with the Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango (UJED). The free services include dental exams, cleanings, treatment for cavities, and education about dental hygiene.

Learn more about how we support our local communities in our 2022 Sustainability Report.

Education Programs: Building a Pipeline of Skilled Workers in Our Communities

Providing educational opportunities has always been a priority for Hecla. We partner with organizations on programs that are specifically geared toward training students for a career in mining.