Reclamation at Hecla:

Past, Present, and Future

In our report, we use three Hecla mining sites to spotlight the different phases of a reclamation project. The Troy Mine in Montana has completed most stages of closure and reclamation and is now focusing on habitat improvements. In Durango Mexico, the San Sebastian mine has returned large areas of land to almost pre-mining condition. The future of Hecla’s reclamation work is exemplified at the Keno Hill project in Yukon Territory, where we are consulting with stakeholders and advancing a comprehensive plan to remediate environmental impacts that predate Hecla’s involvement.


Hecla is focused on efficient, sustainable practices, safe and inclusive workforce development, and decision-making that accounts for shifting geopolitical trends that impact where we operate and our stakeholders’ priorities. We follow a central framework of values that touches all aspects of operations and planning, setting forth a vision of fully integrated sustainability and responsibility.

Photo of Hecla's sustainability framework.

Hecla’s Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

Learn about our Company’s responsibility to the environment in the communities where we operate.

Sustainability Highlights

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We achieved net zero on Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions and reduced emissions by 33% from 2019 baseline levels.

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We continue to reduce energy intensity, achieving a 18.5% reduction in energy intensity consumption compared to our 2019 baseline.

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Safety Performance

We achieved an All-Injury Frequency Rate of 1.22, marking a 40% reduction over a five-year period. Over the same five-year period, our Safety Observations & Employee Interactions increased 309%.

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Renewable Energy

In 2022, 86% of our electricity used at our mines was line power. Of that, 72% was generated from renewable sources. 

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Stakeholder Engagement

We expanded on our 2021 third party assessment of ESG priority topics through incorporating Stakeholder feedback specific to Hecla.

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Community Investment

We generated a total economic impact of more than $833 million in the communities where we operate.

Hecla Sustainability targets

Sustainable Practices in Action

Sustainability isn’t just a corporate practice, it’s a way of operating at the employee and mine site level.