Safety & Health

Hecla’s focus on continuous improvement is reflected in our safety-first culture.

Safety and Health Management System

Hecla’s extensive safety practices and standards are detailed in our Safety and Health Management System (SHMS). Our standards are designed to exceed industry best practices and comply with Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) regulations in the United States, Occupational Health and Safety in Mines regulations in Quebec, and federal regulations for Occupational Health, Safety and Work Environment in Mexico.

Learn about Hecla’s safety-first culture.

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Safety & Health Performance

Our focus on continuous improvement of our safety and health practices and training has resulted in steady improvement of safety performance since the launch of the SHMS in 2012.

Hecla tracks safety performance and training indicators including its All-Injury Frequency Rate (AIFR), near misses, observations, equipment damages, and training hours, with a goal of reducing safety incidents and improving upon the previous year’s performance. In 2021:

  • We had zero fatalities
  • We continued to achieve substantial reductions in noncompliance violations and reportable incidents
  • Our AIFR remained at a historically low level in 2021 and has declined by 76% since 2012
  • We had over 23,000 safety observations and interactions to enhance our safety awareness culture, an increase of 35% year over year

Safety Beyond the Workplace

Our SAFETY: Take It Home campaign contest showcased how Hecla’s employees and contractors promote safety protocols learned on the job to their families at home.

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