Keno Hill

Hecla Mining Company Acquires Alexco Resource Corp.

9/14/2022 Keno Hill work site

Hecla Mining Company completed the acquisition of Alexco Resource Corp., including the Keno Hill property located in Canada’s Yukon Territory. The Keno Hill Silver District is in a premier mining jurisdiction where the First Nation of the Na-Cho Nyak Dun and Yukon governments are supportive of mining. Hecla CEO Phil Baker said, “With the world’s increasing demand for silver for clean energy, Hecla is helping meet that demand as the world’s fastest growing established silver miner. Since 2010, Hecla has increased silver production by more than 25%. With the additional production from Alexco’s Keno Hill, and the continued production growth from Greens Creek and Lucky Friday, we expect Hecla to produce 17-20 million ounces per year in the next few years, which is 30 to 55% more than 2021. Hecla’s silver production is in the United States where it already produces 40% of all the silver mined and, with Keno Hill, Hecla is on the path of being Canada’s largest silver producer as well.” Click here for more information.