Respecting and Protecting Habitats

2/25/2022 A graphic of two eagles.

Our mines are located in some of the world’s most unique habitats, and we strive to be attentive neighbors that ensure wildlife is safe and protected for the present and future.

“The most important thing to us is making sure that we’re taking care of the environment,” says Kim Grande, Environment Project Manager at Greens Creek Mine in Alaska. “One of the things I did was an Eagle nest survey, so we go through and we’re checking to make sure that we know where the Eagles nests are in Hawk inlet.”

“If we did find one (an eagle’s nest) that was going to be in the area of the expansion, then we would make sure that we weren’t building during nesting season where there were babies, so that we weren’t going to potentially impact their ability to breed and their ability to thrive.”